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Tacktrol: Aqueous contact adhesives for gluing foams

Polyurethane, latex or viscoelastic foams are present in our lives in different ways, normally related to rest or comfort: mattresses, sofas, car or [...]

The choice of a footwear release agent

One of Concentrol's strategic divisions is mould release agents, and the release agents for polyurethane footwear soles represents one of our [...]

Study on the effect of CONCERVOL coating on the postharvest life of cherries

At Concentrol we wanted to evaluate the effects of treating cherries with our coating CONCERVOL NATURE-2 in their postharvest life through studies [...]

China, a strategic market

The Chinese market is undoubtedly strategic in the polyurethane sector and at Concentrol we maintain a close collaboration with China. It is a market [...]

Three new lines in the Concervol range of fruit coatings

Fruit and vegetables are sensitive and fragile products that can suffer damage in the crop due to climatic incidents or due to handling and [...]