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Study of the effect of the Concervol coating for post-harvest and pre-harvest of stone fruit

At Concentrol we continue working to protect fruit from the field to the table. In the following study research was carried out to assess and [...]

South America: an expanding market

The South American market is immersed in a process of constant growth and emerges as a strategic place in the near future. It stands out, above all, [...]

Tacktrol: Aqueous contact adhesives for gluing foams

Polyurethane, latex or viscoelastic foams are present in our lives in different ways, normally related to rest or comfort: mattresses, sofas, car or [...]

The choice of a footwear release agent

One of Concentrol's strategic divisions is mould release agents, and the release agents for polyurethane footwear soles represents one of our [...]

Study on the effect of CONCERVOL coating on the postharvest life of cherries

At Concentrol we wanted to evaluate the effects of treating cherries with our coating CONCERVOL NATURE-2 in their postharvest life through studies [...]