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Summary of Trends in Adhesion and Adhesives vol. XI. Publication based on the XIX Congress of Adhesion and Adhesives.

PART 1 Concentrol's speciality chemicals division has the widest range of products; among them, adhesive solutions stand out. In recent years, [...]

SVHC-free Silicone Additives

Silicone additives have greatly expanded their applications in recent years thanks to important technical advances. Their multiple uses provide us [...]

New SORBATO K 35 solution

Concentrol's Food Division is specialized in providing diverse chemical solutions for the preservation, protection, processing and finishing of [...]

Study on stabilizers for rigid foam and identification of the most appropriate surfactant

The term polyurethane is attributed to the wide range of polymers obtained by the polymerization reaction between the polyol compounds with hydroxyl [...]

Silicone emulsion Emultrol PS-2470

Within the range of chemical specialties that Concentrol makes, emulsions and dispersions have become one of the most important families. They are [...]