You don’t see them, but they are there. Have you ever stopped to think about all those elements that make our day-to-day life possible? Concentrol was born with the aim of devising and bringing to life solutions which, although we might not see, play a key role in many essential objects of our routine. This time, the company wanted to focus again on the automotive sector, which belongs to the Performance materials division.

In the seventh edition of the “Leaders of the Unseen” campaign, Concentrol showcases some of the applications of polyurethane-related products, such as mold release agents, silicone surfactants, adhesives, surface finish additives and mold cleaners. On this occasion, we look at a car where we find these products in glass encapsulations, dashboards, steering wheels and door and ceiling panels.

Since 2017, the “Leaders of the Unseen” campaign has shown how much of our everyday objects need chemicals to exist. Thus, the initiative has featured other solutions such as applications for the transport sector, production of sofas, thermal insulation elements or shoe soles, among others. In a previous instalment of “Leaders of the Unseen”, also dedicated to the automotive sector, the role of the Performance Materials Division products was already shown, from silicone stabilizers to adhesives used in the manufacture of seats and steering wheels.

Behind every operation there are minds that have devised it. Committing to the research and development of new solutions makes it possible for us to develop products that are essential for our daily lives. That’s why at Concentrol we have set ourselves the goal of being “Leaders of the Unseen”: even if you are not aware of them, they are there.