At Concentrol we firmly believe in the importance of constant improvement of our products. The chemical industry, and especially the adhesives sector, offer us an opportunity of great impact to improve our solutions and the results for our clients, through the investment of time and resources in research that allow us to continue innovating and developing knowledge.


Hotmelts pressure sensitive adhesives

Through our exhaustive research on these types of products, we have developed Concentrol’s Hotmelts PSA. Hotmelt is a solid thermoplastic material that melts under the action of heat to become a liquid that can be applied with great ease on a wide range of surfaces or different substrates such as: packaging, bookbinding, food, automotive, health products, etc. They also provide a very high initial tack to overcome the pull effect of the flaps, with great cohesion to guarantee sticking to the end customer and its subsequent use.


Application of Hotmelt pressure sensitive adhesives in casings

  1. The cardboard cases are introduced into the machine for processing on an industrial scale.
  2. The PSA adhesive from the ‘NETMELT TACK’ range is applied to difficult-to-stick substrates such as laminates and varnishes.
  3. They pass through the tapes, where the folding of the cases begins.
  4. The cases reach the pressure blanket. Once they come out, the product comes out fully adhered and ready for delivery.
  5. he adhesion of the cases is checked randomly by opening some and checking the substrates for fiber removal.


Important benefits of Hotmelts PSA

  • Easy to manipulate due to their solid format
  • Stable to aging
  • They allow to achieve joints with a magnificent cohesion and at the same time very elastic
  • After being cooled, they show complete bond strength

Thanks to our high specialization in the chemical sector, Concentrol has a division exclusively dedicated to Adhesives. In addition, we have research laboratories with state-of-the-art technology, which together with the talent of the best professionals, allows us to continue working to offer the best solutions to our clients.

In the following video, we can see the application of the Hotmelts PSA Hotmelt during the casings manufacturing process.

Author: David Mas (Technical Manager)