What have we achieved?

Concentrol is going through an internationalization phase. Through our trade network, we want to offer our chemical solutions to all the customers that need them, offering the best technical and customer support for each case, which we always treat in a personalized way. This is the case of a Mexican customer, who was looking for a specific solution for the manufacture of their product.

The protagonist of this success story is an international customer who designs and manufactures soles of shoes. Their need is to improve the production process. Their problem was that the molds they used got really dirty, the soles got stuck and the result they achieved was not uniform.

The large growth of the business and its premise of prioritizing quality above all could not allow the imperfections of their products. That is why this family-owned company leader in the sector requests Concentrol a tailor-made product that allows them to optimize and improve the manufacturing process.

This customer wanted to maintain the manufacture of soles with polyurethane, with the aim of prioritizing quality and better solidity results. The soles manufactured by the customer are complex and with demanding finish and quality.

After analyzing the situation, Concentrol present to the company a custom solution. Based on a product line that improves performance, we adapt a formula that achieves a less dirty mold (more than twice the effectiveness of the product they used previously), with the added bonus of achieving more uniformity and a better-performing painting and more uniform result.


How we did it

We designed a customized product, based on a solvent-based product that is versatile and with many possibilities. Bear in mind that we are dealing with a high-end product by Concentrol.

The new composition of the original product has achieved very good results to solve the impediments that the customer faced. With regard to the dirtying of the molds and the imperfections that this caused, with the new product application production was improved so that while the molds had to be washed three times a week, now they only need be washed once. This has also led to a reduction in costs, since production need not be stopped as much as before. The quality of the result has also benefited.

As for the painting process, the customer now gets better results in less time, which also implies a substantial optimization. In addition, we have managed to reduce the scrub that the customer had during the manufacture, because the product that we have offered reduces this problem thanks to its properties.


Our solution

Consistency, quality and treatment and highly personalized services have been the keys to this recent success story.

At Concentrol we prioritize quality and focus on excellence. When we find a customer that works in our line, in this case a leading manufacturer in expansion, we work to be able to respond to their needs. We know that positive experiences that result in successful products benefit us in a qualitative way and this makes our company grow permanently.

That is why the company is committed to invest more and more in R + D to offer new chemical solutions, adapted to market trends and specific for each sector. Innovation is a fundamental part of Concentrol’s DNA, as well as the commitment to meet new challenges to improve every day.