Concentrol manufactures and markets chemical solutions across four distinct areas: Performance Materials, PU Additives, Food Processing Aids, and Additives. Boasting a portfolio of over 200 products integral to diverse production processes, we extend our services globally, catering to a wide spectrum of clients across various industrial sectors. A significant portion of our products currently leads the international market, and we strive to establish ourselves as key players in the chemical sector within the markets we serve.

Our reason for being is rooted in innovating with chemistry to contribute value and ensure the present and future well-being of society.

Concentrol collaborates closely with its clients to identify optimal solutions for their processes. This achievement is made possible through investments in R&D+I resources. The synergy of research and dedication enables the creation of high-quality products with substantial added value, tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer type and industry.

We provide support to our clients from our headquarters in Riudellots de la Selva, as well as through our subsidiaries in the United States and China.


USA (Chicago): Subsidiary

China (Wuxi): Regional Center, R+D Site


We actively and consistently advocate for sustainability in all aspects, ensuring and prioritizing the well-being of our planet, society, and the entire environment. Concerning environmental preservation, we implement measures across all our processes that prioritize reduction, reuse, and recycling. We collaborate with clients in all sectors to introduce new environmentally and socially friendly solutions and formulas to the market. Additionally, we make significant investments in the sustainability of key areas of social responsibility, including good governance, economic, labor, and social aspects. Our dedication is evident through various certifications and recognitions. 

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From our headquarters and international offices, we serve clients in more than 80 countries. Our extensive network of collaborators and distributors across various geographical areas and sectors allows us to maintain proximity to our clients. This enables us to build collaborative relationships and partnerships to achieve shared goals that result in mutual success.

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Concentrol is a family-owned company based in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona) with over 80 years of experience in the chemical sector. In 1941, Jaume Guardia Jordà founded Tints Concentrol in Les Planes d’Hostoles to produce products for the domestic sector. In 1968, his son, Josep Guardia Rodà, a visionary, shifted the focus towards the production of chemical specialties for the manufacturing industry. This strategic move led to the need to relocate to the current location a few years later, ensuring the necessary space for the consistent year-over-year growth. With the transition in 2013, the Guardia Pont brothers assumed leadership, carrying forward the spirit and philosophy established by their father.

In recent years, Concentrol has continued to consolidate its leadership and global commitment, marked by the opening of new subsidiaries in the U.S. and China, facility expansions, and the development of a new strategic plan centered around its core purpose and values. The company has received recognition for its internationalization and digitalization strategy (Catalonia Trade Leaders 2022), corporate social responsibility ( 2023), and disruptive innovation (Catalonia Exponential Leaders).

The essence of today’s Concentrol lies in well-executed work, looking towards the future to successfully address new challenges in the global market.


ISO 9001:2015



USA ISO 9001:2015

USA ISO14001:2015


We ensure the quality of our products not just with words but with tangible actions. We proudly declare our commitment to the highest quality in all our products and production processes, backed by certifications that ensure compliance with the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Implementing this policy since our inception bore fruit with the achievement of ISO 9002:94 in 1997, a milestone where we strengthened management control. The expansion of our system’s scope in 2003 led to ISO 9001, defining various requirements for a robust Quality Management System (QMS) across different areas of the company.

Since 2007, we have also held the ISO 14001 certificate, ensuring compliance with an effective Environmental Management System (EMS).

Concentrol has recently received three recognitions that highlight its commitment to innovation, a significant aspect that enhances its value to society. In 2022, Concentrol was honored with the Catalonia Trade Leaders Award by the Government of Catalonia, recognizing its internationalization strategy. These awards distinguish business projects expanding globally in the context of global complexity due to the pandemic and current geopolitical tensions.

In 2023, Concentrol received the Award, acknowledging its commitment to social responsibility in the category for small and medium-sized enterprises. Also in the same year, the company was awarded the Catalonia Exponential Leader, recognizing it as a leader in disruptive innovation, presented by ACCIÓ, the agency for business competitiveness of the Government of Catalonia. This recognition highlights its ability to generate a positive impact on society, innovate in business models, achieve exponential growth, and adopt disruptive technologies.

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