Girona has hosted the ADHOC symposium, an event that has been held from September 4 to 7 at the Auditori de la Mercè.

ADHOC is a triennial international conference that provides the ideal space for interactions between academic and industrial researchers with expertise in molecular oxygen and hydrogen peroxide activation, organic oxidation reactions, and homogeneous oxidation catalysis. Previous ADHOC symposiums took place in Xi’an – China (2018), Madison – USA (2015), Jerusalem – Israel (2012), Venice – Italy (2008), Cologne – Germany (2005), Atlanta – USA USA (2002) and York – UK (1999).

These events have an excellent reputation in the sector for their excellence and rigorous debates, a fact that has made it an unavoidable appointment for scientists who are at the forefront of the development of new catalysts, new oxidants, and new methods for catalytic oxidation, ranging from basic chemicals to stereoselective oxidation of pharmaceutical synthetic intermediates and new mechanistic insights into oxidative processes.

The meeting also aims to promote new collaborations and brings together young and experienced scientists. Concentrol promotes the exchange of knowledge and has contributed to the sponsorship of the event.