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A recent study has tested the EMULTROL DFM DV-15 FG antifoaming agent in an aqueous medium with the Polysorbate 20 surfactant.

The EMULTROL DFM DV-15 FG antifoam is a product that meets the regulatory requirements of the food sector, suitable for direct contact with food.


The study

The antifoam test that has been carried out has consisted of presenting two mixtures. The first, made up of 50 g of distilled water placed in a 100 ml glass bottle with 0.5 g of polysorbate 20 and a drop of EMULTROL DFM DV-15 FG antifoam. The second control mixture had the same composition, except for the antifoam.

Foam is a stable dispersion of a gas in a liquid. In a pure liquid medium as in the case of water, air bubbles are normally formed due to agitation processes, they rise to the surface and burst quickly. In the case of liquid mixtures in which there are surface-active agents (such as the aforementioned polysorbate 20), the air bubbles are stabilized by them and give rise to the formation of foam on the surface of the liquid.

The two preparations have been shaken vigorously to observe how the levels of foam generated evolve.

Photography 1. Shows the water preparations with 1% POLYSORBATE 20, after being shaken, on the left without antifoam, on the right with 1 drop of EMULTROL DFM DV-15 FG

The result is that the volume of foam formed from the medium without antifoam is comparatively higher than the preparation with one drop of EMULTROL DFM DV-15 FG. In conclusion, EMULTROL DFM DV-15 FG antifoam is recommended as an effective antifoaming agent for aqueous media containing Polysorbate 20.

Polysorbate 20 surfactant is highly foaming in an aqueous medium. EMULTROL DFM DV-15 FG is an interesting food grade product for use in applications such as cosmetics and perfumes.