Concentrol strives to offer solutions to chemical companies around the world. Year after year, the company renews its Halal certification, this year through the European certifying entity HALAL QUALITY CONTROL, accredited by different standards worldwide, certifying goods and services suitable for consumption by the Muslim population.

The Halal certificate is a guarantee that a product or service complies with Islamic Law (Sharia) for its consumption. This certification process is based on the complete traceability of the product within the food chain, taking into account all the production, hygiene, handling, packaging, storage, transport, and distribution processes. It is a very important process, since the Muslim community understands the term Halal as a lifestyle that influences their daily lives.

Several Concentrol products from the Food Division have been reviewed by the HALAL QUALITY CONTROL and declared valid for consumption by Muslim men and women. Once again, we expanded the products that have this seal and this year we added the range of coatings with casein PROTILAT “CS”.

Concentrol’s will is to bring all our products to everyone who needs them. For this reason, we are in permanent contact with our clients to adapt to their needs.