In order to have an international presence, an essential factor is to know the various cultural needs of the planet. Precisely, one of Concentrol’s great goals is to bring its chemical solutions to the entire planet. Therefore, the company is working to develop products suitable for everyone and, once again, has reaffirmed its commitment to the Jewish community through Kosher certification.

The Kosher certificate refers to those products that are considered fit and that are handled in accordance with the laws of the Kashrut, the set of Jewish laws related to food, collected in the Torah. This certification not only takes into account the composition and ingredients of a product, but also the entire production process, emphasizing the preparation and cleaning of the machinery.

So, once again, the Jewish Community of Madrid has awarded the Kosher certificate to Concentrol. In three years, the chemical company has put in the effort and work to expand its offering. So much so, that it has gone from 53 certified lines in 2017 to 88 this year.

Continuing in a phase of international expansion means being aware of the needs of each culture and its people. At Concentrol we reaffirm our commitment to society and continue to work to bring the best solutions to the planet.