Being in a constant process of renewal is an essential activity of any company to grow and adapt to new situations. After publishing the new website, Concentrol has opted to include a computer program in order to enhance its user experience: the chatbot. Starting today, users will be able to rely on this artificial intelligence system to accurately consult any information.

One of the great advantages of the chatbot is that it works automatically and quickly. The system allows interaction with the user, improving the web experience and resulting at the same time in a complementary channel of contact with the company. Through a conversation, the bot detects the user’s needs and offers the requested information instantly.

The Concentrol chatbot is already active for anyone who requires its use. We just have to access the website, go to the lower right corner and click on the conversation icon. A window will appear, in which we can select the language (Catalan, Spanish and English), and a menu with various options will be displayed according to our needs. In summary, throughout the conversation the user will be able to navigate in a more precise and direct way through the contents of the web, either to better understand the solutions by Concentrol or to contact the company.

To meet Concentrol’s essential goal of delivering its solutions worldwide, you have to be present on several channels. For this reason, the company has opted for a new website, in order to provide all the necessary information, in the most experiential and enjoyable way possible. After months of working on the construction of the new website, we continue to improve its user navigation by including new tools.