Being in contact with customers to offer them valuable and interesting information is essential to publicize solutions and meet the needs of demand. One of Concentrol’s most important communication channels is precisely its website, which was renewed in the previous year. Now, the company has added two more sections to the web where knowledge about the various areas of action is transmitted and the latest news are presented: “newsletters” and “media”.

On the one hand, in the “newsletters” section, users can find a compilation of digital newsletters sent to subscribers classified by division. In the various newsletters you can find the studies carried out by Concentrol laboratories (research blogs) and the latest news and developments about the company.

On the other hand, the “media” section brings together multimedia content related to the company: webinars, success stories, corporate videos, industry videos, application capsules and presentations. In this section you will find conferences, presentations and explanatory videos of the different Concentrol solutions.

The digital world has more and more weight when it comes to presenting solutions and making themselves known, especially to easily reach the international market. Being aware of this, Concentrol created during the previous year a new website to inform customers in the most visual and efficient way possible.

Now, with the addition of the newsletter and media sections, which are added to the existing Research blog, news and whitepapers, users will be able to have quality content at their fingertips in order to find out about our solutions from anywhere in the world.