It is as important to bet on researching new, more efficient and ecological solutions as it is to know how to get them to all the professionals who require their use. The digital portal of Surfex, one of the most important international events in coating technology, features Concentrol’s antifoaming agents through the distributor Tennants.

The chemical solutions company has launched a new range of antifoaming agents based on vegetable oil. These new products enable us to meet the big challenge of antifoaming agents: to be effective during the process of manufacture and at the same time guarantee the efficiency during the lifespan of the coating.

And that’s not all, since at Concentrol we start from the premise of devising and producing solutions that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Thus, the new range of antifoaming agents, being made with vegetable oil, is biodegradable, emits no emissions and is very effective. It should be noted that antifoaming agents have traditionally been based on mineral oils derived from petroleum, making them economical and effective products, but toxic to a greater or lesser extent depending on the type and origin of the mineral oil used.

We are clear that one of the pillars of the company is the research and development of new and better solutions. At Concentrol we maintain our firm commitment to the society and the planet we inhabit and, for this reason, we are constantly researching for products that are more respectful of the environment. We would like to thank our distributor, Tennants, for helping us to deliver Concentrol solutions beyond our borders, and Surfex for featuring our range of antifoaming agents.


Link to Surfex’s press release