Concentrol has several solutions for the packaging sector. A wide range of adhesives, additives and ingredients to meet the needs of the production and manufacture of paper and cardboard articles, provides a specific and efficient solution for all kinds of substrates.

The converting industry requires adhesives that integrate with its production line, in the making of all kinds of packaging. As for example the side seam of boxes or cases, side and bottom of paper bags, windows for cases, cardboard counter-gluing, etc.

Adhesives provide great advantages over other forms of joining, as they allow the creation of a continuous connection, the prevention of corrosion, the distribution of stresses over a joint area, the reduction of vibrations or the invisibility of joints, among other advantages.

Thanks to adhesives, the sector transforms paper rolls into products such as cardboard boxes and compact cardboard cases, paper bags and sacks, envelopes, folders or books. One of the important products for the sector is corrugated cardboard, which is manufactured by joining several sheets of paper that are kept equidistant thanks to corrugated paper placed between them.

The properties that make the adhesive a sustainable and environmentally friendly product have focused demand in recent years and this is where Concentrol has focused its development.


Water-based adhesives

The TACKTROL® range is formulated based on organic polymers of synthetic or natural origin in aqueous suspension suitably modified according to application. These are adhesives that are easy to handle and clean, and with a very high hardening speed.

In the development of this product line, Concentrol has listened to the trends in the carton sector and offers sustainable products; VOC-free and non-flammable. The adhesives are applied manually with disc, roller, injector or feelers.

The main characteristics are:

  • Easy to apply and direct use
  • Adjustable open times
  • Easily profitable application equipment with water, be it injectors, discs or rollers
  • Adhesion on a wide variety of supports
  • High final resistance
  • Good forging speed
  • Possibility of a wide range of resistance to temperature and water

The most common and best-application supports are paper, card, coated cardboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, wood and cork. Generally, the two supports to be joined must be porous to facilitate water evaporation.

Concentrol solutions also allow adhesion with more difficult supports such as plastic (PE, PP and PVC), acrylic varnishes, UV or cellophane.


Hot melt adhesives

For plastic or treated supports with very little porosity, the NETMELT range is adapted to some cases in the cardboard industry. The product is applied non-automatically (gun or manual) or automatically (injection by nozzle), continuous or segmented rollers and spiral.

Unlike the NETMELT range (eva base), NETMELT PLUS (metallocene base) and NETMELT TACK (PSA) the metallocene base offers greater thermal stability and less emissions of smoke and unpleasant odours, it is a clearer colour and has better adhesion on a wide variety of substrates.

These products are formulated based on thermofusible materials in solid form that are subjected to heat so that they melt before being applied, returning to their initial solid state once they cool so that they offer complete solidity of the gluing.

The NETMELT range is the basic hot melt adhesive while the NETMELT PLUS offers lower product and energy consumption, reduced equipment maintenance, greater cleaning and more versatility of substrates to be glued. They come in chunks, studs or pillows, depending on the product.

More than thirty products meet the needs of the binding, envelopes, packaging and labelling sectors.

The NETMELT PUR range is a new generation of thermofusible products that, due to their reactivity with moisture once applied, have a high resistance, both chemical and thermal, once they have fully reacted. It is presented in cylindrical containers of different weights in an inert atmosphere.

The applications are diverse in this range of products that is used in the graphic arts and binding sector, wood, electronics, automotive, etc. having excellent adhesion to different types of substrates and high flexibility.


Custom solutions

Concentrol, as a chemical reference in the sector and manufacturer, can modify its own adhesives, to give more versatility and adaptation according to the needs of our customers, such as viscosity, initial tack and open time.

For our product recommendations, we take into account the type of substrate to be glued, the climate of the area, the speeds of machines and applicator equipment, whether injectors, discs or rollers, guaranteeing the maximum performance of our products so that our customers be as productive as possible.