The polyurethane sector requires a high level of specialization, both in technology and knowledge. At Concentrol we work to remain a global benchmark in this industry, continuously improving the solutions we develop for our customers. 

We also participate in the key events of the sector, in order to update and share our knowledge on the most relevant topics. We recently participated in The Polyurethane Foam Association’s Spring Meeting hybrid event, which took place on May 26th and 27th with participants from all over the world, both virtually and in person in Florida. 

Javier Horas (Managing Director of Concentrol USA Corp) on behalf of Concentrol attended The Polyurethane Foam Association’s Spring Meeting, where he briefly summarized the presentation of our paper “Silicone surfactants for PU foam with low aromatic and aldehyde emissions” by the authors Dr. Josep Nadal (Technical Manager) and Dr. Adrià Lopez (chemical technician R&D). The presentation was available through a recorded online platform, recorded by Dr. Josep Nadal, available to all attendees.

During the second day of the event, the technical discussion was held where, in the round of questions, our representative in the United States was able to answer all the doubts of the participants. The event was a very enriching way of networking, both for the experts and for all the profiles of the participants, to share opinions on the topics presented and to resume contact with the members of the association of which we are part.