The area of Girona is the ideal place to do business. You can find the best infrastructures that allow you to travel by land, sea and air; the best lifestyle; the best qualified workforce; ongoing advice to entrepreneurs and investors, and first-rate industrial diversification.

This is how the province is described in the new promotional video of the Chamber of Commerce of Girona. In order to boost investments in the Girona area, the Chamber of Commerce has created a video for its social networks that invites new entrepreneurs to invest and to settle in the Girona region. Concentrol  appears in this video.

At Concentrol we have always looked for key and strategic geographical spots in which to establish our divisions, therefore, we consider that the Girona region has always been an excellent location that has considerably helped the growth of our company, and has meant added value in all respects.

The Chamber of Commerce of Girona is a century-old institution that works to improve the competitiveness of the business and economic fabric of the Girona region, and advises new entrepreneurs on their projects. At Concentrol we have maintained a close relationship with the Chamber of Commerce, collaborating on several occasions, participating in the PICE programme for youth employment and collaborating in the prevention of accidents at work.