Concentrol’s Chemical Specialities division has the broadest range of products owing to the large number of solutions that it provides to different industrial sectors. This division consists of different families of products among which are the protagonists of the last catalogue published by Concentrol: silicone emulsions.

Silicone emulsions are usually grouped into two types according to particle size: they can be macroemulsions, with a white appearance and stable, with a different percentage of silicone or microemulsions, with a translucent appearance and very stable in extreme conditions.

Some of the benefits of silicone emulsions are as follows:

› Good thermal and dilution stability

› Compatible with anionic and non-ionic soaps / surfactants

› Easy application, without yellowing over time

› Good surface moisture characteristics

› High shine and colour intensity

› Good sliding and abrasion resistance characteristics

› It can be used as a thread lubricant to reduce needle temperature, and thread wear and tear

› All solutions are FDA certified

It is also important to note the large number of sectors in which silicone emulsions are used: detergents and cleaning products, paint and printing ink manufacturers, paper manufacturers, PSA adhesives, in the textile, leather and cork industries, as well as to increase sliding and mold release in surfaces and conveyor belts, among many other applications.

The development of the products that make up this new catalogue has been made possible thanks to innovation and constant updating of the solutions that are offered to customers.

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