Concentrol is in a continuous process of improvement and development of solutions. Innovation is intrinsic in the DNA of the company, which offers its products to the whole world. With the aim of disseminating knowledge of the corporation, our professionals participate in top-level events, meetings and publications.

The chemical company has been able to show its advances in a new range of ecological antifoam agents in the online edition of PCI Magazine, an international reference media for the paint and coatings industry.

PCI Magazine has published an article by research and development technician Lorenzo Rico, describing the technology behind EMULTROL DFM OLV-24 and EMULTROL DFM AFO-24 defoamers (based on vegetable oils) and the innovative EMULTROL DFM OLV-25 and EMULTROL DFM AFO-25 (based on ecological oils).

Concentrol has designed a range of antifoams free of mineral oils, which are not harmful to humans or the environment, due to their low or zero toxicity, and the greater biodegradability of the raw materials. They have been designed with zero content of VOC and SVOC gas emissions (volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds) that can pollute the air and be harmful to the atmosphere.

From an efficacy point of view, they improve defoamer efficacy compared to traditional mineral oil-based defoamers. They comply with the European Union regulation 10/2011 that lists the raw materials allowed for use in materials and plastics for food contact applications, which makes them a suitable and compatible option for applications such as coatings for food packaging.

The article details the tests that have been carried out and the results obtained that place these Concentrol solutions as the leader in the sector.

The presence in specialized media gives meaning to the continuous process of internationalization, which seeks new customers and chemical solutions that can satisfy them.

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