On April 18, 19 and 20, the chemical solutions company Concentrol participated in the Advanced Factories fair, one of the leading European conferences on Industry 4.0. The event was attended by 260 experts and 450 exhibitors to achieve the goal of establishing the foundations of the factories of tomorrow and discovering the most innovative automation and manufacturing systems.

Concentrol was part of the Fira Barcelona event from the Open Innovation Arena of ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya. From this space, meetings were held with technology suppliers to find solutions to the company’s Industry 4.0 challenges and to find new technology partners.

At the event, Concentrol shared space with companies such as Comforsa-Comercial de la Forja, Grupo Hinojosa, CELSA GROUP, Estabanell, Fluidra, Roca, Coty, Sener, Argal, SACYR and COMEXI GROUP.

In the case of Concentrol, the most important challenges to be addressed are related to the servitization of chemical solutions and the digitization of production processes. Thanks to this visibility, other companies participating in the fair were able to approach offering their own solutions for these challenges, a gesture that is the first step in finding new collaborators and creating synergies with new companies in the sector.

Concentrol is committed to chemical innovation to add value and guarantee the current and future well-being of society. To make this possible, it relies on collaboration with other partners to help co-develop the most advanced technological capabilities of the future. One of the fundamental parts of the company is to always maintain a global and up-to-date vision of the sector and the needs of customers, and precisely for this reason it is vitally important to attend events such as Advanced Factories, synonymous with the industry of the future and cutting edge technology.