Concentrol has been in a strong process of global expansion for more than three decades. One of the big goals is to get the chemical company’s solutions around the world and to all the people who need it. For this reason, it is important to take into account the diverse cultures that make up the world. In this line, Concentrol renews its Halal certification year after year, through the Halal Institute, the body in charge of certifying in Spain the goods and services suitable for consumption by the Muslim population.

The Halal certificate is a guarantee that a product or service complies with Islamic Law (Sharia) for consumption. This certification process is based on the complete traceability of the product within the food chain, taking into account all the processes of production, hygiene, handling, packaging, storage, transport and distribution. This is a process of great importance, as the Muslim community understands the term Halal as a lifestyle that influences their daily lives.

Several Concentrol products of the Food Division have been reviewed by the Halal Institute and decreed valid for the consumption of Muslim men and women. This last time, the certification has been extended with three more products from the antifoaming family.

Bringing our products worldwide and to all those who need them means being sensitive to all the cultures that make up the planet. At Concentrol we are clear that behind a consumer there is always a person. For this reason, we want to make our solutions accessible to everyone, bearing in mind that we are in a diverse and culturally rich world.