Concentrol is in a continuous renewal process to apply the latest technology to its solutions and respond to the needs of its clients and the areas in which it applies. This formula for success makes the chemical company a pioneering corporation located at the forefront of the sector.

Concentrol’s Additives division has updated its defoamer catalog by reorganizing it by application to make it more understandable. In this new edition the information is presented in a more organized way. The references of the products presented have also been updated.

The document shows the solutions that are applied in: food, coatings and paints, adhesives, paper, water treatment or other applications. In total, there are 36 references in the EMULTROL DFM range.

Concentrol technicians present the information in a table that details not only the reference, but also the main applications of each solution, the composition, and the percentage of solids. In some cases, it also limits aspects of interest for each field, such as the application temperature, the possibility of food contact (and under what regulations) or if it contains volatile substances.

All products have the Concentrol quality guarantee, effective, long-lasting safe defoamers, complying, for the most part, with the European and American FDA regulations.

This new catalog of Concentrol defoamers is available in Spanish, English, and French, and is a very useful and educational tool for making the company’s solutions available to the maximum possible number of users in a clear and agile way.

Customers interested in the catalog and its products should contact their trusted person in the company or through the contact form.