The company Concentrol aims to innovate with chemistry to bring value and ensure the present and future well-being of society. However, talent is necessary to achieve this mission.

One of the crucial events for the company to attract skilled professionals to the team is its annual participation in the Industrial Forum. As members of the Patronat Politècnica-Universitat de Girona, Concentrol participated in the 24th edition of the Industrial Forum, a job fair where companies, research groups, university students, and associations come together in the same space to establish labor and professional relationships. The 2023 edition of this event was held on April 26th at the Montilivi Campus of the University of Girona and brought together more than 2000 students and 72 companies.

From their own booth, Concentrol professionals explained to interested students what their role is within the company. In addition, this event also served to promote the search for talent among future engineers who could join the company.

As part of this event, Concentrol had the opportunity to participate in the round table discussion entitled “The future of engineering in the Girona region: a key element for territorial competitiveness.” Jéssica Álvarez, Director of People & Organization at Concentrol, was present at the event as a representative of a company where technology plays a significant role in daily industrial processes. Among other things, Álvarez explained that “currently, we have 14% of workers with technological or engineering profiles, but many new positions will emerge, as we are in the midst of automating and digitizing the industrial plant.” Regarding this issue, she commented that the profiles that will be most in demand are those related to the industrial maintenance area, process engineering, information technology, and sales. The event was broadcast on Televisió de Girona and can be viewed at the following link.

Concentrol, close to future talents

During the last month, Concentrol has also been present at other industry events that serve as a platform for talent acquisition. Specifically, they have attended the Forum of Work, the Professional Orientation Days, and Treballem Gi.

The Forum of Work, organized by the Narcís Xifra Institute of Girona, seeks to incorporate talent from vocational training, and to do so, it has the collaboration of various companies throughout Girona. The objective of this event is to facilitate the possibility of conducting interviews between companies and students to find options for dual training or even job offers, both for summer and indefinite job offers.

The second event in which Concentrol had representation was at the Professional Orientation Day of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Girona, JOP2023. This event, which took place on April 11th, had a program with orientation talks, a meeting space with companies in the sector to provide opportunities for internships or job offers for entry into the workforce, and informative sessions on research and the master’s degrees offered at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Girona.

The last event in which they were present was Treballem Gi, the job fair organized by the Girona Chamber of Commerce, which aims to become a meeting point between companies that need to incorporate talent and people looking for work. The ninth edition of this fair was a complete success, as it had the participation of 82 companies, more than 800 job offers, and a thousand interviews.

For the Gerundian company Concentrol, it is vital to continue to be present at international events, but also at national ones, platforms in which they can have direct contact with other entrepreneurs and keep up-to-date with all the sector’s news to adjust chemical solutions to the real needs of customers.