Research is an essential tool for providing the best possible solutions to our clients. At Concentrol laboratories, we carry out detailed technical studies in order to develop innovative and effective products that can meet the needs of the market. In addition, we use research to analyse in depth the new demands and market trends.

All of this data and information collected through our studies and research is published in documents known as White Papers, which are organized by sector and area of expertise. These documents are a valuable source of information for our clients and the public, as they provide a detailed view of our research and how we are working to offer innovative and efficient solutions in the market.

The company, a leader in the development of chemical products for various industrial sectors, announces the update of two of its White Papers: surfactants and release agents.

Silicone surfactants for polyurethane foams, also known as silicone surfactants, improve the emulsification of the components of the polyurethane foam by offering the desired stabilization in the foam expansion process as well as good control of the size and distribution of the cells. This allows for regular foam in the blocks. Silicone surfactants can also be formulated to improve some properties of polyurethane foams, such as thermal insulation or flammability.

The release agent is a chemical substance used to prevent other materials from adhering to surfaces and moulds. Without the use of a suitable release agent for each application, there can be a significant loss of efficiency in production. A good release agent plays a very important role in production efficiency for a variety of industries, including automotive, footwear, furniture, bedding systems, and construction, among others.

At Concentrol, we understand that research and development are key to offering high-quality and efficient products and solutions. That’s why we strive to maintain a high level of innovation and continuous improvement in all of our processes, and share our knowledge and results through documents such as our White Papers.

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