Commitment to research and development is synonymous with evolution and improvement. For this reason, day after day Concentrol carries out research work with a team of experts. The company’s new White Paper, “Paper, Textile Manufacturers and Wastewater Treatment”, includes studies on defoamers developed in the R + D + I laboratories.

This time, the research focuses on oil-based defoamers for papermaking; the defoamer EMULTROL DFM CP-6 in aqueous systems for textile manufacturers; and the EMULTROL DFM range aimed at wastewater treatment. The use of defoamers in these sectors is of vital importance.

In the case of paper manufacturers, the appearance of air or foam can cause damage to the paper. Similarly, in the textile sector it can also cause irregularities in the final product, thus reducing the quality of the final product. Finally, regarding the treatment of wastewater, the foam which is out of control can generate alterations in the purification process and even cause damage to the machinery.

Once the studies were completed, it was possible to check the effectiveness and safety of the range of defoamers of Concentrol “EMULTROL DFM”, applied in each case according to the needs of the various sectors. Paper, textiles and leather and wastewater treatment are sectors of strategic importance to our company. For this reason, we constantly carry out studies: it is the only possible way to offer the best solutions to our customers.