Concentrol and Dyanan, a consulting company in nanotechnology and soil electrochemistry, have recently established a strategic business relationship. Currently, Dyanan is the exclusive distributor in Colombia of the following Concentrol products: Tacktrol C-384 polymers (NanoTrack®); Tacktrol C-371 WH (NanoDirect®) and Tacktrol C-37100 (NanoPower®).

Services provided by Dyanan

Dyanan is a geochemical engineering consulting company specialized in the application of electrochemistry, through nanotechnology, in the stabilization of all types of soils.

As a technical consultant, Dyanan provides technical support and transfers the applied knowledge required by public and private entities for the elaboration of previous studies in the bids and the structuring of road infrastructure projects, according to the technical specifications and the current legislation, in the field of soil stabilization.

We accompany and advise the contractor’s technical area in the development of road infrastructure projects, in their exploratory and executive phases of work and in their follow-up and monitoring.

It also provides advice on the application of nanotechnology for the manufacture of cold ecological construction materials for buildings and road infrastructure works (slopes, embankments, foundations), with the use of polymers designed and manufactured by Concentrol.

The importance of chemical soil stabilization

Through nanotechnology and the use of synthetic and ecological polymers, Dyanan works competently for the stabilization of Colombia’s soils. Thanks to these highly specialized and professional applications, it is possible to stabilize roads deteriorated by climatic factors and tertiary roads in poor condition. Soil stabilization contributes effectively to the local economic development of the regions and the connectivity of the country of application.

In the next issue dedicated to the business relationship with Dyanan we will focus on the problems and challenges faced at the time of starting our collaboration with the company.

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