CONCENTROL carried out a test on mangos in their laboratories to check the effectiveness of CONCERVOL NATURE-2 on reducing weight loss by dehydration, preserving their natural appearance and lengthening their shelf life.

Fruit in general is composed mainly of water and sugar, mango being more than 80% water. Once harvested, fruit no longer gets water and begins to survive on its own reserves and to respirate. During this process mango loses water and a key element in the ripening process appears: ethylene. Therefore, one of the key  resources when preserving fruit’s weight and appearance is post-harvest coating. Given that mango is not grown worldwide, but in areas that enjoy tropical climate, it is necessary to find ways to extend its shelf life and to allow its shipping to consumers, making sure it loses the least weight possible and it retains an appearance attractive enough to market it.

To address this situation, CONCENTROL developed the CONCERVOL product line, designed for post-harvest treatment in order to extend the shelf life of fruit, protect it against microorganisms and slow down aging. CONCERVOL NATURE-2 is a fruit coating product based on sugar ester (food additive E-473). Its application on the surface of fruit creates a semipermeable barrier to gases that reduces respiration rates, helping to keep the color, smell and appearance of fruit. It also reduces perspiration, preventing weight loss caused by dehydration. The dose applied depends on the type of fruit (including local varieties), level of ripeness and other environmental factors. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, CONCERVOL NATURE-2 is an excellent moisturizer to the treated fruit, creating an edible protective film which does not alter its mechanical organoleptic properties, helping to maintain structural integrity. Unlike other alternative treatments, water dilution is completely transparent and shows no phase separation.

The test was carried out with the mango variety Osteen and they were stored for 35 days at 5 °C. The mangos were previously washed and disinfected by immersion in water and 2ppm chlorine for 10 minutes. Then they were divided into two groups, the first one was treated with an aqueous solution of 1.0% CONCERVOL NATURE-2 and the second remained untreated. Both groups were packaged in trays of silicone paper and stored at 5 °C without humidity control. Sampling was conducted on days 1, 4, 12, 20 and 35. As can be seen in the graph, on the 35th day untreated mangos had lost 10.5% of their weight, whereas mangos that had been treated with CONCERVOL NATURE-2 had lost only 8.17%, in other words, they managed to keep 2.33% more water compared to those which had not received treatment.

Looking at the first image corresponding to the state of ripeness of mangos, we can see that after 35 days, mangoes that had been treated with CONCERVOL NATURE-2 were significantly less ripe. This assessment could be made both in terms of the outside of the fruit (where we could see black spots and skin roughness in those mangos that had not been treated) and in the inside, where ripeness was obviously more advanced in those which had not been treated with CONCERVOL NATURE-2.

As for the physical appearance the images below show how mangos that had been treated with CONCERVOL NATURE-2 retained a greenish color and had fewer black spots, making them at first sight visibly less ripe and more attractive. By contrast, mangos which had not received treatment had a reddish colored skin and black spots. The effect could also be checked by touch, where untreated mangos were less firm than those that had been treated with CONCERVOL NATURE-2.
Therefore it can be concluded that CONCERVOL NATURE-2 extends the shelf life of mangoes. Firstly, CONCERVOL NATURE-2 keeps the weight of the fruit up to 2.33% more compared to mangos which have not received treatment. Moreover, CONCERVOL NATURE-2 keeps a more attractive natural look (both visually and by touch) because it retains the green skin color of an unripe piece for longer and it delays the appearance of dark spots. Additionally, it makes them firmer and, once open, we can confirm the ripening of mangos treated with CONCERVOL NATURE-2 is significantly lower, having slowed down the ripening process and, therefore, having managed to extend their shelf life.

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