Concentrol works to create and develop the best solutions for its customers. A team of experts develops processes and researches in the company’s laboratories with the aim of testing efficiency, safety and developing new products.

Professionals research the needs of chemical solutions on the market to keep up with new developments and meet the industry expectations and targets, as well as reformulating references to be increasingly effective and sustainable.

The R&D team regularly publishes articles related to its research. In the latest White Paper, entitled “Innovative solutions for the automotive industry”, you will find a compilation of the latest articles published by the company in relation to the automotive industry.

Concentrol offers a wide range of solutions for the automotive industry, a key sector for the company, represented by: Mould release agents, silicone stabilisers, hotmelt adhesives, reactive hotmelts, mould cleaners, surface finishes and auxiliary products.

These speciality chemicals are applied to produce different external parts of the vehicle and are highly relevant to the vehicle manufacturing process.

One of the main challenges of the automotive industry is the reduction of fuel consumption to reduce pollutant emissions. Concentrol, with its commitment to sustainability and continuous improvement, gives its full support to the sector by designing new products that adapt to its needs and manufacturing standards. Our company is working in favour of the trend to increase the use of co-solvent release agents or 50:50 to 70:30 hybrid fins and water-based release agents, a trend that aims to eliminate VOC emissions. 

In this whitepaper you can discover all the technical details of the studies developed in Concentrol’s R&D laboratories.