At Concentrol we work day after day to create and develop the best chemical solutions for our customers, adapting to market trends and prioritising that our products are environmentally friendly. A team of experts develops research processes in our laboratories in order to check the efficacy and safety of our references. We also study the needs of our customers and offer them the best possible solutions with optimum quality.

Concentrol offers a wide range of solutions for the manufacture of coatings and surface finishes: defoamers, silicone surface additives, silicone and wax emulsions, deaerators, dispersants and slipping agents.

The paint, inks, and varnish sectors are of strategic importance to our company, as both additives and defoamers are vital for the optimal manufacture of paints. A defoamer, or any other additive, has to be effective during the manufacturing process and, at the same time, it has to offer excellent efficacy during the coating’s lifetime, which in many cases is long.

In this white paper you can discover the technical details of the studies developed in Concentrol’s R&D laboratories on the efficiency and properties of the latest generation defoamers and other silicone additives for decorative paints, industrial paints and varnishes.

New white paper on additives for paints and varnishes