Concentrol, a leading company in the production of chemical specialties, focuses a large part of its work on research to obtain quality products through sustainable and environmentally friendly processes. Its ultimate goal is to have the ability to offer value-added products to their customers and position themselves as market leaders.

The company is structured into four large differentiated areas, Performance Materials, Food Processing Aids, Additives and Adhesives, from where it works to obtain innovative and highly efficient solutions.

The Additives division wrote a technical article that caught the attention of Pitture e Vernici, a magazine dedicated to aspects related to the use of additives and chemical products in the paint and coatings sector. The article “SVHC free silicone additives” by Concentrol talks about the impact on the industry caused by the new regulation of the Committee of the member states of the European Union. This regulation classifies the components D4, D5 and D6 as SVHC, components common in silicone additives. There are studies that disagree with the decision of the Committee of the Member States, since they conclude that its use does not pose any environmental risk. The article in the Italian magazine also highlights that Concentrol is a company committed to sustainability and that it strictly respects all the regulations related to this area.

The article was published in the November/December 2021 issue, in the European coatings section, on page 42, and can be found in two languages, English and Italian.

It is not the first time that the magazine “Pitture e Vernici” publishes an article by Concentrol. In the May/June 2017 issue, the article “Mineral oil-based anti-foaming agents for decorative paints with excellent cost-effectiveness” was published, where the product EMULTROL OLM-17, used in the decorative paint sector, is discussed.

In their May/June 2018 edition, they also featured the Concentrol study “Silicone additives to provide non-stick properties and protection against wear and abrasion”, on additives for silicone surfaces.

For Concentrol it is very important to continue studying and improving the references in order to make them available to professionals around the world and, in this way, continue to position itself at the forefront of the chemical solutions sector.