What we have achieved

The French factory of a multinational company dedicated to office furniture asks us for a solution to a challenge that has arisen. They want to completely eliminate co-solvent solvents from their production process. They require a water-based mold release agent but one that offers the same results as the combination of the water-based and the co-solvent based release agents they are using. They contact us to look for an alternative product, driven by the reputation of respect for the environment and corporate responsibility that comes with Concentrol.

This is a company that has a name for being respectful towards the environment and offering high level products. In spite of the fact that before asking for the change of product, the company already complied with the French environmental regulation, they want to take a bet to improve this environmental safety and emissions that can affect their workers even more.


How we have done it

A number of proposals are made from Concentrol. First an alternative to the solvent product and one to the water-based product are exposed. The other proposal consists of totally changing to a single product, be it water-based, co-solvent or hybrid. Finally, the second option is chosen: to change the product for only one.

This change implies challenges in the optimization of the mold release process, in the drying, the gluing or in the final appearance of the piece. Concentrol overcomes all these difficulties in achieving a product that optimises results and ensures that the change does not harm the quality of the final product.


Our solution

What Concentrol is aiming for with the new product is that it is respectful towards the environment and that it enhances the quality of the product. At Concentrol we are very pleased to work with such a challenge and such a demanding customer because they fit perfectly with the principles we stand for.

The main advantage of our solution is that the company has gone from working with two references to working with only one. Before, they used to carry out the mold release process of a single piece with two products, one at the bottom and the other at the top. Today, with just the one Concentrol reference, it is sufficient, thus improving the efficiency of the production process.

The product meets the customer’s expectations and the French emission control regulations. The product has:

●      Good mold releasing properties

●      Adhesion

●      Reduced toxicity

●      Fewer VOC’s

●      Reduced flammability


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