Technology is of high importance in several sectors, as it is a tool to facilitate many processes and to obtain relevant product information. That is why it is necessary to keep up to date with the latest technological advances. At Concentrol we are committed to development and exhaustive research with the aim of improving the productivity of our divisions and obtaining an excellent product quality.

One of Concentrol’s main divisions is defoamers. These are key products in many industrial processes. Their use increases the production capacity and the quality of the final products. 

Process improvement with SVHC-free defoamer additives

Controlling and reducing the level of foam improves the performance of production processes, and this is achieved in many cases by using the right defoamers for each application, thereby significantly increasing the productivity of industrial facilities. In the final product, it reduces the impact of side effects caused by the presence of foam. Due to their advantages, defoamer additives are of great importance for various sectors such as waste water treatment, varnish and paint production or the textile industry. At Concentrol, we develop and manufacture defoamer additives with our own technology, always committed to producing products of the highest quality and guaranteeing the best results for our customers.

Regulation of substances of very high concern

In the European Union, the Member State Committee (ED/61/2018) included substances D4, D5 and D6 on the SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) list in 2018. This means making it mandatory to declare them in the corresponding safety data sheets, if the content of each of them is equal to or higher than 0.1%.

 Concentrol is a chemical company with a strong commitment to the environment and health. For this reason, all its activity is carried out under the most demanding regulations, while it continuously researches to improve its references supporting a stable development of the working environment and the environment. We develop and manufacture defoamer additives with our own technology with a strong commitment to research and innovation that allows us to have total control over our products, offering a wide range of references and solutions beyond those in the catalog with the possibility of studying each specific case and developing products adapted to the needs of each customer.

The entire range of defoamer additives offered by Concentrol is completely free of SVHC components. Without compromising their excellent defoaming efficiency, as well as their compatibility in the different processes and final products.

All Concentrol defoamer additives have an excellent price/performance ratio, offering the product on which they are applied a powerful defoaming efficiency as well as a long term stability of the defoaming effect over time. They have a good compatibility with the final product, avoiding the formation of unwanted side effects. They are easy to apply and always comply with all safety measures for people and the environment.