Silicone additives have greatly expanded their applications in recent years thanks to important technical advances. Their multiple uses provide us with great advantages in our day to day and sectors such as healthcare, electronics and energy efficiency are greatly benefited by silicone additives and the progress they represent in their respective sectors.

At Concentrol we develop and manufacture silicone additives with our own technology, always committed to products of the highest quality and guaranteeing the best results for our clients.


New EU regulation

Recently, the Committee of Member States (ED/61/2018) has added substances D4, D5 and D6 to the list of SVHC (Substances of very high concern) or SEP (Extremely Concerning Substances). As a result of this categorization, they are currently substances that require a stricter control of the risks associated with their uses, and their replacement is recommended whenever possible.

Taking into account that the substances D4, D5 and D6 are used for the manufacture of many silicone additives, the silicone industry has reacted to this decision, justifying its disagreement and claiming that some key factors based on scientific evidence have not been taken into account and that the regulatory activities already applicable or in progress should have been recognized. The silicone industry considers that the new regulation could affect key sectors in the welfare society, such as medicine among other sectors of competitiveness and innovation. Thus, regulatory changes can very directly affect society as a whole because silicone materials are widely used and difficult to replace due to their highly effective and safe properties.


 Divergences on the environmental impact

Studies diverging from the decision of the Committee of Member States argue that the inclusion of an SVHC in the list does not entail any additional environmental benefit. The results of the monitoring of some studies show that the water concentrations of the waste do not exceed any risk value.

Furthermore, the silicones sector demands a platform for mediation and exchange of information and mutual concerns with the most critical scientific sector, as it claims that there is misinformation in this regard and requests to adequately address mutual concerns.

Another reason for disagreeing with the new regulation is that regions outside the EU, such as Canada and Australia, have carried out a comprehensive environmental assessment and their conclusions are not to intervene in the regulation of D4, D5 and D6.


Commitment to the environment and safety

Concentrol is a chemical company that has a strong commitment to the environment and health in its DNA. For this reason, all its activity is carried out under the most demanding regulations, while continuously researching to improve its product lines so that they support a stable development of the workplace and the environment. We develop and manufacture silicone additives with our own technology with a strong commitment to research and innovation that enables us to have total control over our products, offering a wide range of product lines and solutions beyond those in the catalogue with the possibility of studying each specific case and develop products adapted to the needs of each client.

The range of silicone surface additives offered by Concentrol responds to specific solutions for each manufacturer. All of them are excellent value for money and confer to the product on which they are applied good thermal stability, good wetting, intense brightness and colour, resistance to abrasion and water repellence. They are easy to apply and always comply with measures of great safety for people and the environment.

Currently at Concentrol we can supply silicone additives of different types, including also SVHC-free silicone additives, which offer great results and are guaranteed to be free from SVHC components in case our clients require it.