Environmental protection is very important for Concentrol. Our company is fully aware of the responsibility we have as manufacturers of chemical products for the safety of our environment and people. Following these values, our range of Emultrol antifoaming agents allows the European Ecological Label (Ecolabel) to be added to the paints and varnishes that use it.

The Ecolabel promotes products that can reduce adverse environmental effects, compared to other products in the same category, thus contributing to an effective use of resources and a high level of environmental protection. Consumers find on this reliable label exact, non-misleading and scientifically based orientation and information on the products to which it is applied.

The Ecolabel can only be applied through a controlled certification and audit process (specific requirements according to ISO 10424).

More information on the Ecolabel can be found on its official website: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/ecolabel/index_en.htm


Rising trend and interest

According to recent data provided by the EU, currently four out of five European consumers want to buy more environmentally friendly products. Without a doubt, consumers today are more aware than ever that environmental protection is essential.

Hence, for Concentrol it is very interesting to be able to guide our customers and help certify their products with an official certificate from an independent organization, a reliable logo to identify high-performance product lines that also respect the environment.


The Ecolabel guarantees:

> Minimum content of hazardous substances;

> Reduced content of volatile organic compounds (VOC): x g/l;

> Good performance for (both) indoor (and) or outdoor uses.


EU regulation

According to decision 2014/312/UE, May 28 2014, any ingredient / substance / preparation / mixture intentionally added to a raw material must be declared. This includes impurities and by-products that are present in concentrations greater than 0.010% in the raw material.


Definitions and indicators: VOC and SVOC

> Volatile organic compounds (VOC): any organic compound that has an initial boiling point less than or equal to 250 °C, where the measurement is carried out at a standard pressure of 101.3 kPa as defined in Directive 2004/42/CE. Its analysis is performed by gas chromatography, and those compounds that elute below n-tetradecane (C14H30) for non-polar systems or diethyl adipate (C10H18O4) for polar systems are quantified.

> Semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC): any organic compound that has a boiling point greater than 250 °C and that, in a capillary column (1), is eluted at a retention time between n-tetradecane (C14H30) and n-docosan (C22H46) for non-polar systems and diethyl adipate (C10H18O4) and methyl palmitate (C17H34O2) for polar systems.


Measurement thresholds

Unless otherwise stated, compliance with the criteria of the eco-label will be required in the case of intentionally added substances and mixtures, as well as in the by-products and impurities from raw materials whose concentration is equal to or greater than 0.010% by weight of the final formulation.


Assessment and Verification

According to Directive 2004/42/EC, the VOC limits refer to the product ready to use, so the content of VOC and SVOC will be determined by gas chromatography based on the indicators specified in the section (Definitions and indicators: VOC and SVOC). As an alternative, a declaration of compliance will be provided, backed by calculations based on the ingredients of the paint and the raw materials from the suppliers that use the methods contemplated by regulation 11890-2 or ISO 17895.


General restrictions

The final formulation of the product, including all ingredients added intentionally present in a concentration greater than 0.010%, may not contain, unless an express exception is established in the appendix of the 2014/312/UE regulations, substances or mixtures classified as toxic, dangerous for the environment, respiratory or skin sensitizers, or carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction, in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 or Directive 67/548/EC.

For more detailed information on the EU Ecolabel for interior and exterior paints and varnishes see https://bit.ly/2kipIUP


Emultrol antifoaming agent range

The help to obtain this certification is in line with Concentrol’s objectives of collaborating with the environment by minimizing hazardous substances and volatile organic compounds (VOC); wanting to assume a corporate responsibility in all areas according to the trends of interest of our customers, increasingly aware of the protection of the environment.

Concentrol’s technical department is available to our customers to advise and provide the necessary information to obtain the Ecolabel certification, increasingly important in the market.