Fruit and vegetables are sensitive and fragile products that can suffer damage in the crop due to climatic incidents or due to handling and transportation, before reaching consumers. In addition, they are highly perishable due to the natural ripening process, a characteristic that represents a struggle against the clock in the product's value chain.

The Concervol range is specifically designed to protect fruit in the pre and post-harvest, slow down its ripening process and its aging, in addition to preserving the good appearance of potatoes, fruit and vegetables already cut for sale as convenience food. The Concervol catalogue had up to now 4 lines that were adapted to the needs of each client: Concervol Nature Basic and Concervol Nature-2, aimed at post-harvest fruit and which prevent weight loss due to dehydration, delay aging and prolong shelf life, in addition to fixing the pre and post-harvest fungicide; QG-3, specifically intended for peeled potatoes for convenience food, since it extends their shelf life and prevents darkening due to oxidation and Fruit, which prolongs freshness in peeled, cut or whole fruit and vegetables, maintains their flavour, colour and texture and prevents oxidation.

Now, Concentrol is adding 3 new lines to the Concervol range: Concervol Protectplus, Concervol Naturetech and Concervol FruPrevent, designed to cover even more specific needs to protect and extend the life of fruit and adapt to customer needs.


Concervol Naturtech

It has a double functionality. Its main function is to increase the contact surface of the breeding ground to ensure its effect. In addition, it delays aging and improves post-harvest fruit conservation. Reduces the appearance of black spots on the skin by friction during handling.

Another advantage of the new Concervol Naturtech is that it enhances the action of fungicides, fixing them and increasing their effectiveness.

To apply, dilute in water and cover the fruit by dipping, spraying or soaking.


Concervol ProtectPlus

It is based on a formula containing sucrose esters of fatty acids and other food additives to protect and prolong the life of fruit. Its function is to delay the oxidative process, restrict the exchange of gases and prevent ripening of fruit in cold storage. The result is that it maintains for a longer time the appearance and the initial freshness of refrigerated fruit, delays aging and lengthens its shelf life.

Its application is post-harvest, diluted in drinking water and applied by immersion or drencher.



This product protects and extends the shelf life of fruit before its commercialization. Creates a semipermeable membrane on the surface of fruit that regulates gas exchange and transpiration. It is a product specifically formulated to delay the aging of fruit in post-harvest and to reduce the appearance of black spots on the skin by friction during handling. It provides a higher level of fungicide residue on the surface of fruit, obtaining greater protection over time.




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