Research is one of the pillars of Concentrol’s growth and expansion. Another equally important one is to deliver these solutions around the world. For this reason, it is vital to participate and collaborate with the media in the sector, in order to show the solutions to potential companies or people who need them. In early June, PU Magazine published the article “Silicone surfactants for low content of aldehyde and aromatic emissions in PU foam”, written by Josep Nadal, technical director of Concentrol, and Adrià López, of the technical department.

This article deals with the main volatile components in polyurethane foams monitored in the economic zone of Asia – Pacific, as in this area there are different requirements and quality standards from those found in other areas such as Europe or America. In this paper, therefore, Nadal and López analyze the contribution of silicone surfactants in volatile emissions and how these can be improved by choosing the right surfactant to meet customer requirements.

At Concentrol we want to propose solutions and, also, that these reach the people who need them. PU Magazine International is an industry-leading information platform aimed at experts and technicians in the global polyurethane industry. Through the publication of Concentrol’s work, we can show some of the company’s scientific advances to professionals in the chemical sector.

Day after day, we maintain our firm commitment to research and development. At Concentrol we know that the only possible way is to bet on knowledge to continue in the expansion and internationalization phase. Studying other markets is essential in order to propose solutions for them. Therefore, we need to take into account the various global situations and work to be able to deliver our solutions around the planet.


You can read the article below:


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