Concentrol collaborated in the third Giroinfant Gala that took place in the Girona Auditorium. The initiative, organized by Rotary Club Girona on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, raised funds that will go to three charitable projects: Fundació GironaEst, Càtedra d’Autisme de la Universitat de Girona and Escola CEE Font de l’Abella.

The chemical company joined the contributions, which reached a sum of 22,350 euros that will be used for charitable causes that will help families at risk of social exclusion and poverty.

The mission and values ​​of the company converge in corporate social responsibility. Beyond our commercial activity, we believe in the duty to impact our social and environmental surroundings. Concentrol makes all its decisions considering the impact they may have on society.

Occasions like the one that took place in the third edition of the Giroinfant Gala are opportunities to make our contribution to building a fairer and more equitable society.