Company policy

The management of PRODUCTOS CONCENTROL SA establishes as its main mission to develop and supply chemical solutions globally in a safe, agile, fast and flexible way.

We want to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of our customers, improving the efficiency of our company, we want to respond to their needs and concerns, and also those of society in general.

In this context, we also take the necessary measures to prevent and correct any harmful effect on health, derived from the use of food industry products or the harmful effects that may occur in the environment in the course of their activity:

    1. To continuously improve the management of CONCENTROL SA, with the implementation and maintenance of a system of Quality Management, Food Safety and Environment. Each worker will be responsible for carrying out their work within the framework defined by these objectives and for reporting any possible incidents.
    2. Establish a process of monitoring and continuous improvement of the system, to ensure a positive evolution of the system.
    3. To provide the most suitable means for carrying out tests and inspections, guaranteeing product quality and ensuring customer satisfaction.
    4. To provide the necessary resources to promote the involvement of the company’s staff, offering appropriate training and raising awareness to meet the objectives set and encourage teamwork.
    5. To guarantee respect for the labour rights of our staff, providing a good working environment. Preventing accidents at work and the deterioration of workers’ health, by implementing the appropriate preventive measures.
    6. Provide resources for compliance with legislation and regulations applicable to products and the environment, in the activities developed by PROCUDTOS CONCENTROL SA, maintaining the quality and food safety of the final product, meeting the requirements of our customers and society in general.

The challenge assumed by Concentrol in all its actions is defined as:

“Do it right the first time”

Jaume Guardia i Pont

Managing Director