One of Concentrol’s priorities is to make its products accessible to companies around the world. This international vocation leads us to develop formulations that meet the requirements and legislation of each country, but also to be sensitive to the cultural needs of our customers. Certifications are a guarantee that our products meet certain requirements.

Concentrol has once again renewed its Kosher certification, expanding the number of products suitable for consumption by the Jewish community. The company already has 114 products that are suitable and that are handled in accordance with the laws of Kashrut, a dozen more references than in 2021.

Kosher certification takes into account the composition and production process of the product, paying special attention to the preparation and cleaning of the machinery used. In this way, this recognition, supervised by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain, guarantees that all certified products are suitable for consumption according to the Jewish religion and respecting the Kashrut law. On the other hand, some PROTILAT products, which include milk protein as part of their composition, are certified as Dairy, as has been done in recent years.

At Concentrol, we want to continue betting on our internationalization process, to bring solutions to the entire planet. Therefore, it is necessary that we reaffirm, year after year, our commitment to all the needs of our customers. Kosher certification allows us to differentiate ourselves as a company, both socially and culturally, as well as in the international distribution of our products.