The junior group of the Fòrum Carlemany, known as Carlemanys Junior, visited Concentrol’s facilities. The young entrepreneurs -who have already created their own company or who in the future will take over a family business – had the opportunity to learn first hand how a company like ours works.

During the visit, the young people were able to tour the different areas of the chemical company. In addition, they had the opportunity to ask questions to the company management and to receive detailed information about the company’s operations. The young people showed great interest in the business aspects that make our company a leader in its sector.

The visit, which was made by the Head of sales operations of Concentrol, Astrid Guàrdia, also served to weave synergies between members of the Carlemanys Junior group, share their experiences and knowledge about the business world.

The visit of the Carlemanys Junior group to Concentrol was a success, leaving a great impression on the young entrepreneurs who took part in it. Undoubtedly, such initiatives are very positive to encourage entrepreneurship among young people and prepare them for the business world.


Commitment to the Forum

The Fòrum Carlemany is a non-profit organisation that was founded in Girona in 2003 with the aim of promoting excellence in business management and the continuous improvement of its businesses.

The company has participated in numerous projects and activities organised by the Forum, demonstrating a great commitment to its activities. In addition, it has worked closely with other companies and organisations within the scope of the Carlemany Forum, which has contributed to strengthening the local business community.

As of next January, Astrid Guàrdia will lead one of the Forum’s working groups. This reflects the commitment and leadership of the company.

At Concentrol, we believe it is important to bring our activity closer to young people who are training in business management or in any of the areas of the chemical company. This allows them to develop practical skills and technical knowledge. This allows them to develop a deep understanding of the chemical industry and the products we develop.