Resin dispersions

  • They improve the parameters of cohesion and sticking of adhesives and self-adhesives based on polymeric dispersions of acrylic resin, EVA, SBR, NBR, natural or synxthetic latex and aqueous polyurethane dispersions.
  • They do not contain alkyl phenol ethoxylates or solvents.
  • The main use of resin dispersions is to improve the adhesion of polymeric dispersions on non-polar substrates, mainly plastic surfaces although they can be used in applications on porous and polar supports like paper and cardboard.
  • They have excellent compatibility with acrylic resin dispersiones EVA, SBR, NBR, latex, polychloroprene and polyurethane.
  • Once they have been suitably formulated, they provide very good wetting action – particularly on silicone paper and other types of supports in general.
  • The dry film is highly stabilized against oxidation and the action of UV rays. The dispersions are composed of particles with a very small diameter, which facilitates their application with rollers.
  • They provide very good mechanical resistance to shear stress.


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