Polyurethane systems consist of two components; one of them is a mixture of polyols with additives and the other is a diisocyanate.

When mixed homogeneously, they react to form polyurethane which presents different levels of hardness – ranging from high (like in elastomers) to soft ( like in the flexible foam used for car seats and furnishing). The majority of these polyurethanes are foams for applications in different sectors of the automotive and furniture industry, construction sector and in the manufacture of injected polyurethane sandwich panels or shoe soles. Our range of products is composed of silicone stabilizers, formulated with polyol and other components (catalysts, water, foaming agents etc.) and release agents for molding processes in which a perfect extraction and finish of the part is required. It is also worth remembering that polyurethane is an excellent adhesive.


The CONCENTROL STB PU range includes silicone additives for the majority of polyurethane formulations. We have stabilizers for:

  • Flexible HR foam (high resilience, frequently used in the automotive and furniture sectors).
  • Conventional flexible foam (a wide range of densities, continuous and discontinuous systems).
  • Rigid foam (multiple applications).
  • Integral foam (microcellular foam and shoe soles).
  • Monocomponent foam (OCF).

As there are specific requirements in each application, it is important to choose the right stabilizer to obtain the best properties in the foam:

  • in conventional or flexible HR foams, an open cell structure is sought.
  • in rigid foams, obtaining a fine, closed cell structure is a necessary requirement for the best results in thermal insulation.
  • In rigid foam, the foaming agent that is used should be observed so that the most suitable stabilizer can be chosen in each case.
  • in integral foams, it is important to obtain perfect cell distribution and prevent shrinking of the foam.
  • in monocomponent foams, the most suitable stabilizers are non – reactive and non-hydrolyzable.

In general, a wide range of stabilizers is really necessary so that we can meet all the needs of manufactures of polyurethane systems.


The CONCENTROL® range offers a specific and effective solution for all types of molded polyurethane parts, including those where special care should be taken regarding their appearance, surface coating, high productivity, cost, cleaning of the mold, easy application and protection in the workplace and the environment. We have a wide range of products, with traditional solvent and water base release agents, concentrates that can be diluted and internal release agents. We can also design products to meet our customers’ specific needs.


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