CONCENTROL surfactants meet the main requirements of HR polyurethane producers:

  • WIDE SELECTION OF ADDITIVES in order to offer different stabilizing potency for MDI, TDI/MDI and TDI systems, also providing different ratios in cellular regulation..
  • CELL REGULATION and INTERNAL STABILIZATION may be adjusted in order to obtain good quality foams with improved processability.
  • LOW EMISSION FOAMS, regarding VOC and fogging, from the point of view of the surfactant.


In order to choose the optimal silicone surfactant for any specific polyurethane system, chemical and processing requirements have to be taken into account:

  • Chemical requirements are given by the type of polyol, isocyanate and blowing agent used. Other compounds such as catalysts also play an important role.
  • For processing requirements, points to consider include mixing efficiency, curing conditions and flow demands.
  •  Our selection guide shown in the table reviews the recommended products for any specific application, taking into account the blowing agent used, which plays a critical role in any formulation.

Additional products can be recommended, or adjusted to fulfil any specific requirement.


Silicone surfactants are surface active additives that act as cellular regulators in PU shoe sole systems. Taking advantage of its emulsification properties, an improvement of the miscibility of the various liquid components is obtained, thus a better pigment distribution, less flow lines and a general improvement in various physical properties are some of the benefits achieved using this additives.

Cell openers are used in medium to low densities to reduce shrinkage and to improve the dimensional stability.


High active silicone surfactants for standard flexible slabstock foam. They improve the emulsification of the raw materials, providing the sufficient nucleation and stabilising the foam expansion.


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