CONCENTROL has a wide range of products for the meat sector, especially for the external treatment of cold meats and hams. It includes plastic coatings which conform to the European regulation (EU) Nº 10/2011 for direct food contact and natural coatings based on food additives (with code E according to the UE Regulation Nº 1333/2008) formulated to be considered edible together with the coated foods. These products improve the presentation and conservation of the piece and can be coloured at customer request.


The meat industry is one of the major economic resources in the agri -food sector, especially the one which specializes in the production of cold meats. Among the huge variety of meat products, the uncooked cured meat range is the one with the most varieties. These products are made by chopping or mincing meat and fat (with or without offal) and adding authorized spices, additives and seasoning. They are packed into natural or artificial casing and then cured.

CONCENTROL participates in the elaboration process of uncooked cured meat by offering several external treatments for the piece, to improve its presentation and conservation.


Among the applications of coatings for the meat sector, the use of these coatings as fixing agents for pepper, spices and herbs stands out. It is a very important application and where the coatings formulated by CONCENTROL stand out for many years. Currently, this application is made with edible coatings so that they can be consumed with the sausage and with the pepper or herbs.

There are two groups of coatings, those that act as adhesives and those that act as fixers of spices and pepper in cured sausages or cold meats. Its application is suitable in both artificial and natural intestines and, in some cases, directly on the meat once the intestine has been removed. They offer a natural finish, regulate the ripening process of the cold meats and offer protection against unwanted growth of mold and yeast.

The viscosity, stickiness of the coating, and addition of natamycin can be modified at the customer’s request.

Our references are shown in the following table:


Nowadays, raw cured meat products are especially appreciated for their appearance, texture and colour. However, one of the problems related to appearance is the unwanted growth of mold on the surface.

As a preventive measure, CONCENTROL supplies natural, edible coatings which can be applied to natural gut and, plastic coatings like VIPLAST-1200 Q, which are applied to artificial casing. These coatings are applied by immersion and give protection against molds and yeasts, as well as giving good adhesion on the product and a natural appearance.


In order to give an irregular, white finish on the surface of cold meats equivalent to the natural growth of white Penicillium, CONCENTROL can offer VIPLAST W-171 SF-05 RF. This coating is formulated with food additives that do not cause adverse reactions, according to annex II of Regulation EU 1169/2011.


Cured hams are usually sold in a whole piece with the bone, or as a piece from the centre of a boneless ham. One of the main objectives in the production of cured ham is to obtain a product of highest sensorial quality. For this reason, CONCENTROL has developed a range of VIPLAST C-900 ACG pnatural edible coatings for the external treatment of boneless ham. The characteristics of this range are the following:

  • They ensure optimal regulation of the ham curing process.
  • They prevent the growth of surface mold.
  • They minimize oxidation and unwanted growth of mold on the inside of the ham.
  • They prevent white film from forming on the surface.

These coatings are formulated with aqueous emulsions of E-472a (acetic acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids) and other food additives belonging to group I according to regulation (EU) 1129/2011.


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