Based on our experience in the design and production of chemical solutions for the food industry, we have surface treatments for cheese to guarantee optimum packaging and transport, as well as auxiliary products related to food safety and hygiene.
      • COATINGS


The VIPLAST® range includes all those coatings for the external treatment of cheeses during their maturing process. They regulate and promote the curing and maturing process and, with the addition of authorised preservatives, offer fungicidal protection against molds and yeasts. Their use prevents surface cracking and improves the final appearance of the cheese. We have an extensive catalogue of colours, with a gloss, satin or matt finish, adapted to all application systems, to satisfy the specific needs of our customers.

· The range of PLASTIC coatings is perfectly suited to needs such as the process of cutting and portioning cheeses, the need for fast drying, adequate moisture resistance and vacuum packaging.

· The range of NATURAL coatings is based on food additives (with code E according to EU Regulation No. 1333/2008). They are formulated to be considered edible together with the cheese. Among other characteristics, they are easy to clean and in many cases offer a handcrafted appearance without plastic reflections.


The EMULTROL DFM® product range is designed for foam control in processes of the food industry. We have a wide range, some of which are Kosher and Halal certified.


We also have products related to food safety and hygiene: special cleaners to remove dry residues from plastic coatings, disinfectants, sealers for cold storage chambers, surface lubricants for conveyor belts, etc.


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