Concentrol’s Food division proposes a new solution for the cleaning of polymeric waste that has outstanding advantages. Amphonil BDG is a detergent formulated with biodegradable surfactants and dispersants with a high cleaning power of polymer and plastic waste, such as those based on polyvinyl acetate (PVAc), polyvinyl acetate and polyethylene base (PVAc-PE) and polyvinyl acetate and polyacrylate (PVAc-ACR).


AMPHONIL BDG 100% concentrated

Low Toxicity


High persistence

High solvent power

This is an extremely safe alternative, with low toxicity and high cleaning power compared to traditional industrial solvents and high alkalinity detergents.

The constant improvement of our products and the offer of solutions that adapt to our customers’ needs is key to Concentrol. With the Amphonil BDG we add the factors of low toxicity and commitment to the environment to the advantages of optimum performance.

Thanks to the company’s outstanding investment in R & D, we can offer product lines that add to our wide catalogue of chemical solutions with all the guarantees.


Toxicity characteristics

Low oral toxicity: classified as a non-toxic product. LD50 in rats is higher than 5000 g / kg.

Low respiratory toxicity: the high boiling point prevents high concentration in the air (<2mg / l at 20ºC). It is classified as “slightly toxic” from the data in animal tests.

Low dermal toxicity LD50 in rabbits <2000 mg / kg, which is considered a very low level of toxicity.


Tips for use

The use of concentrated product is recommended, in direct contact with the plastic waste for 15-30 minutes and a subsequent flushing with pressurised water. The cleaning is more effective at a temperature of 40-60ºC and with pressurised water.


For easier application, the following spraying system can be used.