Silicone surface additives are well known products as providers of special properties to paints, inks and coatings. These additives are organo-functional silicones, most of them composed of non-hydrolizable polyether-polysiloxane copolymers. These silicone based products differ from traditional silicone oils in several ways: they are easier to use, they are compatible with most coating formulations, and they do not cause typical defects such as craters or recoatability problems.

Like other silicone based additives, its efficiency is very high at very low concentrations, with normal dosages usually well below 1% based upon total formulation.

ORDISOL SWT range of silicone surface additives are the right choice for formulators looking for improved slip, mar resistance, levelling, substrate wetting, anti-blocking properties and gloss enhancement. Most of our range of additives are composed of 100% pure materials in order to provide maximum effectiveness. Being pure silicone surfactants, they are usually compatible with various coating systems such as solvent-borne, solvent-free and aqueous formulations.

Silicone surface additives are also characterized by their ability to reduce the surface tension.

The water based coatings exhibit a high surface tension compared with traditional solvent-borne systems (the surface tension of water is 72.4 mN/m). They exhibit poor substrate wetting compared with solvent based equivalents. This is where silicone surface additives (among other chemicals) play their role modifying the surface properties of waterborne water based coatings.

Some of them, taking advantage of their low molecular weight and “T-umbrella” structure, are classified as super-wetting additives because they are able to reduce the surface tension in water solution to a value close to 19.5-20 mN/m. CONCENTROL develops and manufactures, silicone surface additives and other silicone based products such as organo-functional silicone stabilizers for polyurethane foam and special silicone emulsions for textile, pulp & paper and coatings using proprietary technology.


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