With over 80 years of history, Concentrol has consistently placed good practices at the forefront of sustainability across all dimensions: governance, environmental, economic, labor, and social. The company has positioned itself as committed to the planet, society, the territory, and its workforce.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the company’s culture and DNA. The leadership prioritizes aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of targets addressing key global development challenges such as climate change, social inequalities, and access to basic services. Concentrol has integrated the SDGs into its operations with the aim of contributing to achieving these global milestones.

Concentrol’s sustainability roadmap is ambitious: it is currently developing an ESG (environmental, social, and governance) plan and undergoing a diagnostic process to achieve B Corp certification.


In 2022-2023, after being selected, Concentrol participated in the RSE.Pime program organized by the business association Through training and consultancy, the company identified its best practices and areas for improvement, advancing in the management of corporate social responsibility by developing a Social Responsibility Action Plan to integrate into its strategy and management.

Concentrol was awarded for its commitment to social responsibility at the Awards 2022. Detailed information on best practices is available in the report. 

ISO 9001:2015



USA ISO 9001:2015

USA ISO14001:2015


The company holds the ISO 14001 for environmental management, ISO 9001 for quality, and in 2021 underwent an ESG audit by clients, scoring 92%. An assessment through EcoVadis, a sustainability rating agency covering a wide range of environmental, social, and ethical issues, resulted in a score of 51 (bronze). In 2022, a B-Impact Assessment was conducted to identify new opportunities.


Concentrol actively and consistently ensures the well-being of the planet and the preservation of the environment by implementing measures and best practices in all its processes, prioritizing reduction, reuse, and recycling. Based on ISO 14001 and environmental policy, processes are designed with allocated resources to achieve environmental milestones.

Concentrol’s commitment to the environment is differentiated in various areas.

  • Firstly, to reduce carbon emissions, electricity consumption comes from renewable sources, with 17% being generated from photovoltaic panels. Fossil fuels have been replaced with gas, resulting in an annual savings of 243 tons, and the steam boiler has been upgraded, reducing CO2 emissions by 5%.


  • New insulation has been installed to reduce thermal energy losses and gas consumption, and technologies have been implemented to monitor and reduce energy consumption, such as LED technology, presence detectors, and programmable air conditioners. Actions span the entire value chain, requiring carbon footprint calculations from suppliers and minimizing air transport whenever possible.


  • In terms of water conservation, Concentrol has its own treatment plant, and consumption is monitored with meters on most equipment. Water-saving methods, such as faucets for conservation, have been implemented, and a small percentage of water is collected from recycled sources. The company ensures the non-production of toxic wastewater, and a portion of the water is returned to watersheds in the same condition in which it was collected.
  • Regarding waste production and management, Concentrol monitors its production and has set reduction milestones. The company prioritizes the use of recyclable packaging and biodegradable bags, offering supply with tankers that go directly to customer tanks. There is a paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal recovery and recycling program, and an approved recycling company collects packaging from customer companies for reuse. A cleaning and disinfection line has been installed to reduce packaging, and the company uses non-toxic cleaning products, evaluating all products and processes to identify toxic contaminants in production.


  • To facilitate the reduction of transport and waste generation for our customers, we offer the option of supply through tankers.


  • Finally, all products have REACH certification, allowing them to contribute to the environmentally sound management of chemicals and all waste throughout their life cycle. This certification aims to minimize adverse effects on human health and the environment, significantly reducing their impact on the atmosphere, water, and soil.


Additionally, regular performance reviews and audits are conducted, where an independent entity audits and certifies the environmental management system.


At Concentrol, we collaborate with clients across various sectors to introduce new environmentally friendly solutions and formulas into the market, supporting them in becoming more sustainable and reducing their impact on the environment. We design our products considering all environmental aspects and their life cycle.


Key actions in this regard include:

  • Designing proposals within the release agents division to transition all solvent-based solutions to water-based, assisting clients in becoming more sustainable and reducing environmental impact.
  • Designing defoamers within the specialty chemicals area to help paints achieve ECOLABEL certification.
  • Collaborating on a CDTI project to design an innovative range of water-based polyurethane dispersions where all components come from renewable and sustainable sources, not petroleum.
  • Introducing natural coatings within the food division.
  • A new strategic focus on servitization to help clients optimize the use of our products in their processes.

Furthermore, various social and environmental impact initiatives are undertaken in collaboration with clients, such as planting trees through the Plant for the Planet program as a special award for participating in satisfaction surveys.


Reaffirming its commitment to people and the team, Concentrol has implemented many labor-related practices of interest. To ensure equal opportunities, the company has implemented an equality plan, a protocol for sexual harassment, and training and awareness programs on gender, sex, religion, and diversity. The incorporation of individuals with functional diversity is ensured in compliance with the General Disability Law.

To ensure stability and flexibility, Concentrol promotes permanent contracts, flexible working hours and holidays, flexible compensation packages, and paid leave for exceptional situations, among other benefits for its employees. Financial support for master’s degrees and specialized training is provided, and internal promotion is encouraged, among other practices, to ensure talent development within the company.

Various health and well-being initiatives are also developed, including a healthy catering service, collective health insurance, concern for the psychosocial health of employees, the installation of a defibrillator, and the promotion of sports.

Internally, the PC3 Project is aimed at improving productivity and communication for those working at Concentrol, aligning with the company’s values through development plans. Annually, the entire team of the company gathers for a celebration with recreational activities to commemorate achievements and company progression. Awards emphasize four fundamental values for Concentrol: people, commitment, growth, and collaboration.


The company considers social and environmental impacts in decision-making, has an ethical code through the implementation of criminal compliance in the organization, and conducts financial controls and anti-corruption practices. The company voluntarily implemented the Compliance Penal, which includes an ethical code.

Concentrol undergoes audits by a certified company in the management of R+D+i projects, ensuring compliance with all accounting principles for accurate representation of finances, assets, and accounting results with relevant, comprehensive, neutral, transparent, verifiable, and understandable information.

Financial risks from financial instruments are not significant and are covered by management and control mechanisms of the company. The company’s financial investments mainly consist of low-risk bank products traded on regulated markets. The company diversifies the investment of surpluses in the short and long term according to anticipated needs, ensuring the fulfillment of committed payment obligations. There is also no significant concentration of credit risk, and balances are distributed among a diverse clientele, with historical low delinquency.


At Concentrol, we are committed to the local community and regularly participate in activities, events, and festivals that align with our values. Examples include sports activities such as women’s youth football in Cornellà de Terri, Oncolliga, or Uni Girona. In the social sector, we have a strong commitment to research and support for at-risk and disadvantaged groups, actively participating in collaborations with organizations, associations, and social projects.

Notable collaborations include:

  • The Biomedical Research Institute of the Dr. Joep Trueta University Hospital and a biotechnology company dedicated to R+D+i of non-invasive systems to support the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases.
  • The Girona Est Foundation with the aim of supporting neighborhoods in Girona, especially focusing on their younger population, through various sports, cultural, educational, and social initiatives.
  • The Sergi Foundation with the goal of facilitating access to and maintenance of dignified housing for families facing economic difficulties and also in the field of training young people to open doors to their future.
  • Collaboration with universities, schools, and institutes for professional internships and dual training programs and projects for the integration of young talent, such as the PICE program to help young people aged 16 to 29 enter the job market.

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