Made of flexible integral skin polyurethane foam that provides a soft touch and can be produced in a good variety of surface textures and colors. The process for these pieces also allows the foam to be molded with various inserts, such as airbag covers, while making it possible to obtain a wide range of different shapes by varying the thickness of the sections. To obtain any aspect required by our customers we offer MOLD RELEASE AGENTS with different properties, SILICONE STABILISERS for the same foam manufacture and CLEANERS for molds for integral leather polyurethane. 


The air filter is responsible for preventing air containing dust and/or residues from entering the combustion zone. The CONCENTROL® range provides a specific and efficient solution of MOLD RELEASE AGENTS FOR FLEXIBLE INTEGRAL SKIN FOAM necessary for its manufacture. In addition, we offer CLEANERS for the molds used in the foam formulation process, specially developed for cleaning.


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