The automotive sector is key for Concentrol, and for this reason it is of special relevance to announce that we have published a new specific catalogue, which outlines the products we produce for the automotive sector and the applications that our product lines have in cars. The catalogue also includes information on the trends of the sector and current state, such as the commitment to the environment, safety and design.

This new communication material outlines the chemical specialties that we at Concentrol produce, which represent key lines in vehicle manufacturing:

  • Mold release agents
  • Silicone stabilizers
  • Water based contact adhesives
  • Hotmelt adhesives
  • Hotmelt reactive adhesives
  • Mold cleaners
  • Coating additives
  • Ancillary products


These chemical specialities are applied to make various external parts of a vehicle and are very relevant for the manufacturing of braking systems; door panels and roof liners; embellishments; package trays and spoilers. Inside the cabin, our products are part of steering wheels and armrests; dashboards and sunshades; seats and headrests, as well as other parts of the cabin.

Under the hood of the car, mold release agents, cleaners, stabilizers, adhesives and lubricants are used to produce air filters; soundproofing; oil sump and engine and hoses and straps.

In the new Concentrol automotive sector catalogue, highlights different key points of today’s automotive sector that our company is committed to. Specifically, the following aspects: Sustainability and environment; Safety and comfort and Style and design.


Commitment to the environment

The automobile sector is aware that one of the main challenges it faces is the decrease in fuel consumption to reduce polluting emissions. Concentrol, with its commitment to sustainability and continuous improvement, gives its full support to the sector by designing new products that adapt to its needs. For example, closely linked to the polyurethane sector and the automobile sector, our company works in line with the trend of increasing co-solvent release agents or hybrid mix 50:50 and water-based release agents, a trend that aims to eliminate VOC emissions. Concentrol offers a wide range of environmentally friendly products and constantly works to optimize the results of its products.

The use of light materials such as aluminium, replacing steel, is one of the lines of work that is being proposed by the sector, with the aim of reducing the weight of vehicles and reducing fuel consumption and polluting emissions as a consequence. Also, thermoplastic polyurethane systems, present with their reliability, consistency and lightness, become a material that meets the standards required from new cars without adding greater weight to the structure.


Safety and comfort

Concentrol adapts its solutions to the ever-increasing demands of the automotive parts sector to achieve high safety and comfort standards. Aspects such as excessive noise can lead to negative connotations during driving, especially for the driver. It is for this reason that acoustically insulating materials and those that absorb noise are very important in vehicles and in their safety.


Style and design

Vehicle quality finishes are highly valued by customers. Aspects such as color and durability can extend its guarantees, which will help attract buyers. Color is an important part of car design, since car manufacturers want coatings of high performance, quality and reliability. Contentrol works continuously to improve efficiency and sustainability of materials and coating processes and has a wide range of silicone surface additives, silicone and wax emulsions, antifoaming agents and others for any type of surface and application.


For more information you can download the infographic about the new Concentrol automotive catalogue and remember that you can contact our sales team for any additional information.