The footwear sector is strategic for Concentrol. With extensive experience and R&D, every day we work to give our customers the best product to suit them. We offer mold release agents adapted to each manufacturing process, silicone stabilizers, which help foam stabilization, mold cleaners and auxiliary products (adhesives and reinforcement pastes).

The footwear sector is becoming more prominent in the mold release division due to its potential on the market and the reputation of our products. Recently, Concentrol and its technical team have participated in several conferences worldwide, such as the exclusive DESMA House Fair 2018 event, as well as having publications in important journals such as Técnica del Calzado. Currently all the material on the footwear sector is available on our website.

We have recently created a new catalogue focused on the footwear sector: This catalogue will allow us to offer our customers all the information and products they need during the shoe manufacturing process. In addition, we also promote our sustainable solutions, with low levels of VOC, toxicity and flammability.

Main sections of the catalogue 

The first major section that the catalogue focuses on is polyurethane. Polyurethane was introduced in the footwear sector in the late 60s, and since then it has become a very popular material for shoe manufacturers, since it affords quality, comfortable and durable shoes, as well as low weight, at a low price.

Within our product lines are solvent-based, co-solvent or water-based release agents. In addition, they can also be “ready to use” products, concentrates, tin-free products and of electrostatic application. Of great relevance are also silicone stabilizers, which help stabilize the foam expansion process, and control the size and distribution of the cells. Within Concentrol’s catalogue, high and medium-low density stabilizers can be found, each with different properties to adapt to each shoe model.

We also have mold cleaners that will allow us to easily clean molds after long work cycles; as well as auxiliary products such as water-based adhesives, hot melts or reactive hot melts and reinforcing pastes.

Phylon, also known as EVA rubber, is an expanding material in the footwear sector. It is a lightweight material, with many possibilities and is currently a trend in the fashion industry. At Concentrol we have mold release agents for the material that comes out of the hot compression process of EVA foam, phylon. Concentrol’s mold release department has developed different product lines that stand out for their excellent results and their adaptability to our customers’ needs.

Sustainable solutions 

Aware of the importance of safety and the environment, at Concentrol we have sustainable product lines that reduce flammability, toxicity and toxic emissions.

The reduction of VOC (volatile organic compound) is one of the challenges of the sector at present and on which Concentrol is working most actively. The future trends of the sector aim towards water-based release agents, less polluting and safer; it is expected that the elimination of the use of tin components in release agents will soon be confirmed, a step forward for the safety and improvement of these agents. Currently, it is the tin-free or electrostatic solutions that reduce environmental risks and impacts, in addition to the water-based ones, as mentioned above.

At Concentrol we work every day to offer our customers the best service. That is why we have created this catalogue, which enables us to provide a 360 service to our customers, offering from mold release agents to cleaners.